Change your posture and change your life in Sacramento CA

Change your posture and change your life in Sacramento CA

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Science is becoming increasingly aware of how our stress levels and emotional states affect our bodies and our overall health. Fields of study related to the mind-body connection and psychoneuroimmunology continue to reveal amazing practices that we can put into use for our own benefit. I know this firsthand from all the patients I see at my Sacramento CA chiropractic clinic

Science reveals, Change your posture and change your life!

Many of you know that before I studied chiropractic, I earned a Master's Degree in psychology.  I have always been fascinated with things like brains, nerves and behavior.

It did not take too long to understand clearly that when people are stressed out, emotionally pained or even depressed,  that it would be reflected distinctively in their posture, looks and expressions.

What the mind creates, the body reflects

Over the almost 20 years of practicing chiropractic now, I never cease to be amazed at how people's emotions and lives change for the better once they start getting straightening out, and finally find relief of the pain, irritated nerves and immobility that has slowed them down.

Now there are some very interesting things being revealed in studies that explain another reason why fixing spines and bad posture works, and about how the mind-body connection is a two-way street! 

Changing our feelings and overall mood can be as simple as consciously changing our body posture.

It seems that our bodies can literally change our minds!  This newer concept in psychology is called "embodied cognition."

I guess we can also call it the "body-mind" connection.

There was a cool article about this stuff in the online Fast Company in the Body Week section by writer Vivian Giang.

She started her great article by noting,

"The next time you’re feeling sad and depressed, pay close attention to your posture. According to cognitive scientists, you’ll likely be slumped over with your neck and shoulders curved forward and head looking down. While it’s true that you’re sitting this way because you’re sad, it’s also true that you’re sad because you’re sitting this way."

Check out her article:

It appears that good posture has a profound effect on how we feel, and how we feel about ourselves. More than 30 million views have been made of an intriguing TED talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy. Her studies and talk emphasized how just standing for two minutes in a tall, confident, head-up and chest forward "power pose" can make you actually feel more confident and happier. What an amazing and easy way to boost your attitude, mood and confidence.  

Check out this popular TED talk:

Bad Posture in Sacramento CA

When I examine a patient, I often observe poor posture and the all-too-typical slouched, and head-forward position. The mobile phone and texting lifestyle has not helped!  As a chiropractor, I sometimes take x-ray pictures that also reveal how poor alignment and posture literally makes the spine break down and degenerate.  When caught early, it can be helped tremendously!

It is so, so worth it to have a good series of adjustments and do specific posture exercises so you can begin to correct the stiff and misaligned spinal joints, and irritated nerves that result from bad posture.  It is a lot easier to do the "power pose" if your spine can actually move!

It is now clear that bad posture not only looks bad, it makes us feel bad, and judging by the degeneration it causes, is bad! 

The great news is that correcting your posture looks good, makes you feel good, and by golly, is good! 

If you are not feeling up to par, and are noticing how you are slouching and carrying your head forward and down, then maybe it is time to turn things around. A good way to start is with a chiropractic examination.

Two things I hear very often from our new patients after a few weeks of care are "Why did I wait so long to start?" and "I did not think I could ever feel this good again."

Maybe that is you, or could be. Or will be!

Give us a call, and we'll do everything we can to help you feel your best in the months and years to come.

Your Sacramento Chiropractor,

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