Chiropractic During Pregnancy in Sacramento CA

Chiropractic Sacremento CA During Pregnancy

There’s only so much I can say about the challenges of pregnancy as a man. I can however, share how I helped many women over the years, by reducing the tension and stress that can build up in back and neck during their pregnancy.

Some people mistakenly assume that having chiropractic care during pregnancy would be unsafe or even harmful to the unborn baby. The truth is, chiropractic care is very safe, and the baby is very well protected by the amniotic fluid, the uterus, and other structures of the woman’s body.

Our Sacramento CA chiropractor can help with chiropractic care during pregnancy.

How can chiropractic care help in Sacramento CA

What is great, is that when aches and pains and stress builds up, having a gentle adjustment to reduce the pressure is the safest, easiest, non-toxic, and practical way to find relief! When a woman may normally turn to a pain reliever medicine, it is definitely not something to take while pregnant.

Women also adjust much easier during pregnancy due to a hormone called “relaxin” that is produced in the ovary. Relaxin does just that - It relaxes the ligaments in the body, so when the big day comes, the pelvic and hip bones can open wide, and make delivery easier. (Notice I didn’t say easy!) It also relaxes all the other ligaments in the body, including the back, making all adjustments easier.

I have had the privilege of not only fathering two children but also to “catch” during delivery. It was two of the major highlights of my life, and I have never been more glad to be a man! I adjusted my wife Dina many times during her pregnancies and even during labor, which again, made things easier for her.

During her pregnancy with our second one, our daughter Kaia, I went into the workshop and created a special chiropractic adjusting table for her. I now have it in my office, and the preggy ladies love it. It has a nifty cut-out section so they can lie down on their tummies, and be comfortably adjusted. Many have said, just lying on it feels great.

Over the years, I have adjusted ladies right up to their due dates, and have even had ladies with twins fit just fine on the table.

Chiropractic Sacremento CA During Pregnancy With Son

My advice is, if you or someone you love is feeling stress, tension and pain during pregnancy, call our office and we will do everything we can to help. We promise to treat you like family!


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