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Here at Anderson Chiropractic in Sacramento CA, I am excited to give you some great tips for the self-care of your back. First the Why and then the How!

It has been said that necessity is the mother of all inventions! Problems need solutions and the solution that is the easiest, cheapest, available, and most effective wins!

The Back Flosser® in Sacramento CA

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The Back Flosser may be just what you are looking for. As a seasoned Sacramento Chiropractor, I have learned that back pain affects millions of people every year. There is a great need for solutions. The variety of possible solutions that people try is staggering. Pills can be toxic and addictive. Creams and lotions and patches can be a big hassle and mess. Professional services can be very helpful, but not always convenient or affordable… and surgery is the last resort, and not always helpful.

A recent study published in the November 2010 issue of the journal JMPT looked at the insurance costs of treating over 85,000 patients with back pain. It revealed that the most expensive thing you can do when you have back pain is go to the Medical Doctor. The average cost was over $1,000. The paid cost for going to a Doctor of Chiropractic was 40 percent less than initiating care with an M.D.

The reason Chiropractic care is more effective and costs less is simple.

A good chiropractic evaluation and adjustment get directly at the CAUSE of most back pain, instead of simply managing the symptoms, or wasting money on needless tests.

What is the most common cause? In the books, it is often referred to as mechanical back pain. That means that some or all of the parts in and around your back are not working correctly. The parts include the muscles, the fascia, the spinal joints and the discs. What does a mechanical problem need? A mechanical solution of course! If you have annoying squeaky jumpy brakes on your car, who do you take it to? Not the muffler shop or to your general practitioner! NO, you take the problem to the Brakes guy who will fix the problem and not just give you earplugs or recommend a big overhaul!

How back pain develops

In a nutshell, STRESS. Poor posture, physical habits, overuse and even emotional tension all can be sources of stress. You can probably name a few more too. If the stress is too much, the energy that is created to deal with it builds up and then the parts get tight. These parts typically include the muscles at the base of your head, the shoulders and the muscles of your spine. Then they start to hurt and…you know the story.

If things progress too far, and the tension will not go away, professional chiropractic adjustments are the most beneficial and cost-effective.

However, what if you could target and relieve those stressed and tense areas of your back, before you need professional help, in a way that is simple, feels good and is absolutely FREE?

Most things you value in life, if you take care of them and maintain them, can last a lifetime. When it comes to your back, it better lasts a lifetime, because you obviously are going to need it! and last I checked, they don't have replacement parts at Target or WalMart yet.

For years, I have been recommending what I call "The Back Flosser."

We all know that regular, daily flossing is great for maintaining your teeth and gums. Not all people know that there are things you can do for your back on a regular basis. Why not learn how to "Floss" your back?

You can reduce the stress, tension, knots and pain that build up.

You can follow along here and make your own Back Flosser at home, or you can stop by the clinic and pick one up.

Let me describe how to make one and then I'll describe how to "floss" your back.

You will need three simple things;

One old sock that has lost its match and two tennis balls. If you don't have any rolling around your house, almost any grocery store, or even Walmart will have a toy/sports section or simply go the sporting goods store. 5 bucks max for a can of 3.

Then put the tennis balls in the sock and shake them down to the end. Tie a knot in the sock and you're ready to "Floss."

Why a sock instead of loose? Lots of reasons including dogs, boys, and grandmas. The family dog will think they're his, boys hit them over the fence with baseball bats and the last thing you want is grandma tripping on them on the floor and going down. And don't use a billiard ball… too hard or a racquetball… too soft. The tennis balls are just the right balance of firmness and softness for most people to get a good flossing experience. The sock gives you a handle to position the Back Flosser right where you need it. It also holds the balls in just the right position.

Let's get started

Lie your Back Flosser on a firm surface, like on a carpeted floor, with the balls about one inch apart. Then slowly lie back on them, with one on each side of your spine, in whatever areas are tense and sore. Allow the back to relax down onto the balls and hold for at least 15 seconds. For really tight knots in your muscles, you can go for one to two minutes, until you feel the muscles relax.

Move the Back Flosser up or down your spine and enjoy! It is normal to sometimes hear and feel little pops as the joints relax as well.

The Back Flosser can also be used in the shoulder muscles. For the upper shoulders, move the balls to a few inches apart, and then lie back down onto them. The balls should be right in the middle of the shoulder muscles.

Another common area is at the base of the head. In this case, put the balls right next to each other, cup them in two hands on the floor, and then lie your head back onto the balls and your hands. You can direct the pressure right onto the tight muscles that often develop at the base of your head.

You can use the Back Flosser while standing up against a wall, in a chair or car seat, or in many creative ways.

Continuing Back Flosser Care

Well, there you go! With regular back flossing, you can relieve your tension, stress, knots, and pain before it builds up and you need professional help. Many of our patients take The Back Flosser with them wherever they go.

Like seeing your family dentist and hygienist regularly to ensure the health of your teeth and gums, it is a really good idea to have your doctor of chiropractic check your structure on a regular basis, at least a few times per year. When problems are detected and corrected early, you can reduce the likelihood of serious problems down the line.

There are several symptoms that should not be ignored and for which you should seek medical or chiropractic help right away. These include:

  • Sudden onset of any pain for no apparent reason.
  • The worst headache you have ever had.
  • Pain or numbness that goes down your arms or legs.
  • If ever you lose control of your bladder or bowels, that is a definite 911. Seek medical help right away.

I applaud your interest in taking care of your back. I hope it lasts you a lifetime. Blessings!


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