Men’s Health in Sacramento CA

Men's Health in Sacramento CA

Chiropractic Sacramento CA Mens Health

Yes, I know there are men that are proactive and really care about their health. Not all, not most, just some - and of course you,  if you are reading this!  A rare bird indeed.

My Sacramento CA chiropractic practice has always been about 60% women and 40% men and it has nothing to do with my charm!  Most health and wellness practitioners have similar ratios. The bottom line is that men tend to let their busy schedules and their pride get in the way.  We want to fix things ourselves!

You, being the humble, wiser man may be wondering how chiropractic services may help you be the best man you can be.

Men’s Health and Chiropractic Care in Sacramento CA

Well, here’s the deal: Chiropractic care can make you stronger.  Structure determines function.  It is common for men to come to the clinic with acute low back pain from all the hard work, or the playing they have been doing. Guess what?  Unless there is a significant injury, strong backs don’t tend to just blow out.  What happens is your back structures tighten-up with time,  an accumulation of stress,  and then the core back muscles get weak – and “Woosie back” syndrome strikes again! The next thing you know, the weakened muscles can’t perform and hold it together, and then wham-o, you bend over to pick up a shoe, or do one little thing, and your back blows out and the pain becomes unbearable.

Specifically applied chiropractic adjustments re-align and mobilize the tight joints and get things moving the right way.  With proper structural alignment and mobility, the deep core muscles have something to do, and they naturally get strong and are better able to stabilize the back.

Chiropractic care can make you a better______________.  Fill in the blank with your important roles:  Worker, golfer, driver, dad, lover…
All of these roles require energy, agility and endurance!  When your body is out of alignment, your nerves are annoyed, and your muscles are weak, it can totally drain your energy and leave you unable to perform. When you are stiff – there goes your agility and balance. When you are all pooped out and stressed from being sick and tired, there is little to look forward to, and if there was, you couldn’t show up and do it anyway.  With chiropractic care, your body can focus its energy on doing the things you want and need to do.  Often with even a handful of visits, men report that things really start looking up.

There’s plenty more, but I hear my golf clubs calling my name, so I must go pretty quick here.  I don’t want to leave you hanging, so before I swing the sticks, I want to mention that there are some tremendous, natural boosters that many of our men patients enjoy that you might consider.  The diets and lifestyle habits of men and the toxins we are exposed to daily, can age our systems prematurely and wreak havoc on our cardiovascular system and testosterone levels.  More and more younger men confess that things aren’t looking up below the belt as well as they would like.  There is hope, and  I can hook you up with some good (legal) stuff:

The Metagenics nutraceutical company makes a fantastic, Men’s Wellness Essentials daily nutrient packet.  It has all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and some herbs that support good health and testosterone production.  All men need good levels of testosterone, and too many men over 40 have very low levels.

Did you know that one of the first signs of cardiovascular disease in men is erectile dysfunction?  It’s all about blood flow. Fortunately, a very important molecule that helps blood flow was discovered called Nitric Oxide or “NO.”  When your arteries can make NO, they relax and allow your blood to flow.  There is another great product called, “L-Arginine Complete.”  It boosts NO levels in the blood and even helps reduce blood pressure. Drugs like Viagra work by boosting NO, but, like all drugs, have plenty of side effects. L-Arginine is simply a natural amino acid that is found in many foods.

Lastly, there is another booster that is getting very popular.  It is bio-identical testosterone cream.  A little dab will do ya!  When applied to your skin, it absorbs into your system and boosts your testosterone levels.

Next time you are in the clinic, or if you have never been, ask me for more information. While no doctor can promise any particular results, we can and will do all we can to increase your odds of being the man you want and need to be.


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