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Sacramento Chiropractic Knee Care

Are You Tired of Suffering from Chronic Knee Pain?

Everyone seems to know that modern professional chiropractic care helps problems like neck pain, back pain, headaches, car accident injuries, sciatica and the like.  Unfortunately, too many people don’t think to go to their chiropractor for their knee pain! 

Yes, you read that correctly – Knee pain.  It is one of the most common problems that we help every day at Anderson Chiropractic Clinic in Sacramento.  Too many folks unfortunately don’t know that their knee hurts because it is wearing out or is overly tight, misaligned and weak,  and simply needs to be adjusted,  strengthened and naturally stabilized, not drugged or operated on.

Chronic knee pain is notoriously difficult to treat successfully, and it is a leading complaint when folks visit their primary care doctors. My experience is that they are often  discouraged as they shuttle from specialist to specialist, from rheumatologist to orthopedic surgeon to physical therapist to acupuncturist and back again.  There are no medicines that make knees healthier. When you consider that the typical medical evaluation and treatment are directed at the only the symptoms, you can better understand the disappointing lack of progress and improvement.  Like so many other pain syndromes, with chronic knee pain there are actual benefits that may be obtained by addressing the underlying biomechanical problems.

Faulty biomechanics are the root of many ongoing knee problems. There are, of course, many other diseases and orthopedic conditions that may cause the same type of chronic pain. The most likely of these possibilities need to be considered and ruled out before a diagnosis of biomechanical knee pain is established.

These problems include osteochondritis dissecans,  meniscus tears, and synovial effusion are all frequently encountered in persons over age 40 with chronic knee pain. In addition, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and ankylosing spondylitis are a few rheumatologic conditions which may result in sporadic or chronic knee pain.

When these medical problems have been ruled out, a biomechanical issue becomes the likely root cause. You may wonder, how does a person develop "faulty biomechanics" in the first place?

The truth is, most of us have never received effective instruction in how to use and maintain our precious bodies. We stand and sit in all kinds of goofy  positions and don’t realize what we are doing wrong until things start to hurt.  At Anderson Chiropractic Clinic in Sacramento, we often see flat feet and other foot misalignment issues that make the knees and hips compensate unnaturally, and eventually they may be the ones that start the complaining!

Over the course of a lifetime, your joints continually attempt to adapt to your inefficient and stressful postures, misalignments and habits. Eventually, no more healthy adaptation is possible, and as a result, your  joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons begin to break down and fail. Over time, you will experience this failure as pain.  Once this type of pain has started, it is not going to go away unless the underlying causes are corrected. Specifically, your biomechanics need to be restored back towards normal.

Correction of your posture, and joint misalignment takes time and can only be accomplished gradually.  The most important thing is to begin! 

Chiropractic care is the number one safe and effective strategy to relieve many of the back,  bone and joint problems that slow you down.

Two of comments we often hear from our patients is, “why did I wait so long,” and “I am so glad to be off the drugs I was taking.”

We encourage you to “Just say NO”  to unnecessary drugs and surgery.  Our belief is that you should not have to risk your health and life to get your health and life back! 

Call today, and let’s see if your knee problem may be helped. 

(c) Gregg C, Anderson 2010

Sacramento Chiropractor / Knee Pain / Chronic Knee Pain Treatment

by Gregg Anderson

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