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Run Like A Rabbit or Splat Like A Squirrel

Run like a Rabbit or Splat like a Squirrel
Dr. Gregg C. Anderson

    Recently I was driving along Fair Oaks Blvd. and noticed the starkly different approaches that two critters took as they crossed the road.  First I saw the jackrabbit.  He was long and lean.  I imagine he stood at the edge of the dangerous and ominous road for a moment, assessed the situation, visualized his goal, made his decision and they ran like the dickens until he was safely to the other side.  In fact, he kept right on running. There must have been a cute little bunny waiting for him at the river!

    A few minutes later, I spotted the squirrel.  I imagine that he too, stood at the edge of the road before he started across.  He, like many other squirrels, apparently suffered from the challenges of indecision, second-guessing and other issues.  He got about half way across and then stopped, he took one step back and then two forward, then three more back, and then, you guessed it, Splat!  Road kill.  

    I may not ever be considered one of the great philosophers of the new millennium, but these events got me to thinking.  This jackrabbit and squirrel are a lot like many of the people I have met in my practice.  Taking care of people with chiropractic care is a big part of my life.  I feel blessed to have the skills to provide what I believe is excellent service. 

    Numerous published studies and twelve years of personally practicing have clearly confirmed that chiropractic care is safe, helps improve function and health and changes lives for the better. That being said, there's no magic dust, and there's always a cost in terms of time, effort and money.  A huge part of my work involves inspiring and motivating people to start and then keep doing the healthy things that bring results. 

    Without a doubt, the folks I help the most are definitely like the jackrabbits.  You've got to love these folks. When faced with the inevitable dangerous and ominous "roads" or health obstacles, they assess the situation, gather some information, and if it there is a sensible solution, they willing to take responsibility and go for it.  They get moving and keep moving until they get somewhere better. Most importantly, they make decisions and run with them.  Most of them end up looking pretty good. 

    Then, there are the poor squirrels.  They have it rough.  For some reason they can't make good decisions and stick with them.  They have trust issues. They have money issues.  They want big brother (i.e. Medicare) to take care of their every need.  They want health in an elixir, exercise in a pill, and money from trees.  They have every excuse in the book.  They might start, but then they'll second-guess themselves, pause, lose momentum and quit.  Sadly, they end up ill prepared for the usual and inevitable dangerous "roads" and before they know it, splat!   

    This motivational role I play as a Sacramento chiropractor in people's lives is often a challenge.  I consider it a great responsibility to give people good, understandable and sensible information. I want more folks to benefit from my help. I'm confident that I often can help tremendously. Yet, it's sometimes hard to not be considered self-serving when much of what I recommend to folks, I also profit from.  Sometimes I get that skeptical, unbelieving "look."  You've probably seen it.  It involves some combination of a raised eyebrow, crossed arms, closed lips and the head tipped to one side.  In the end, squirrel splat. I hate when that happens.    

    Frankly, I'm not always the best one, as a Sacramento Chiropractor, to tell the chiropractic rabbit story.  I'm certain that I am not the best one to motivate people to start and stick with chiropractic care and related health practices.  You however are!  That's right, you, my dear Rabbit.   If you are enjoying the benefits of chiropractic and other beneficial health practices, do your poor squirrel friends a huge favor and direct them across the "road."  Give them a good rabbit kick in the pants if you really love them.  I shudder to think of how my own life would be if I had not been directed to chiropractic care after a significant auto accident injury many years ago. I was so thankful. 

    Too many folks suffer unnecessarily from conditions that could be greatly improved with proper care.  Your loved ones will be appreciative.  It will actually help you too.  I have seen an amazing phenomenon in this regard.  It's the "psychology of referrals."  What I see happen, is that those folks who refer other people actually get better results themselves.  I'm not sure exactly how it happens, but it does.  You fine rabbits keep on reproducing.  Drop by my office for some carrots sometime.  If you are more of a squirrel, we welcome you too, and will always have a few nuts ready, just for you.  Just be careful getting here, watch the road and bring a friend! 

Copyright Gregg C. Anderson, 2008

Sacramento Chiropractor / Run like a rabbit or splat like a squirrel

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